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Banner stating "Transformative coaching is about maximising your potential"

You are the expert in your life and business

Nobody NEEDS a coach.

You are the expert in your life and business.

Transformative coaching is about maximising your potential though clear thinking. It is about achieving more of what you want and less of what you don’t want. It is about understanding the nature of the human experience and then using that understanding to achieve your goals.

I bring to the table a wealth of ideas, experience and training, but that is not why people hire me. Hearing about how other people succeed can be inspiring but is not necessarily the way YOU will do it. You already know this, but sometimes we get lost. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed with conflicting priorities, goals and external pressure.

  • You don't need fixing
  • You don't need advice
  • You don't need platitudes

You may benefit from straight talking support; an ally; a sounding board to develop your ideas.

Coaching helps you gain a new perspective.  When you see differently, through new eyes; your life, your business, your goals, your problems and your solutions become clearer.

"Start a relationship with someone routing for your success and thinking of ways to serve you on a daily basis"

What people say?

"With the large number of coaches now filling the market, finding one that stands out from the crowd is difficult. I measure performance on results and I recommend Jacqueline Bennett as a Transformational Coach that delivers fantastic results.

If you face a challenge and would like a guide to help you on your journey and give you the tools, perspective and personal insight to overcome that challenge, then you must talk to Jacqueline. Accept nothing but the best in the people who support you."

Testimonial from Martin Rhodes, Managing Director, Capstan Blue

Martin Rhodes
Managing Director
Capstan Blue