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About Me

You can find out more about me, my musings and my life by clicking on social media buttons above or by sending an email via the link below:


Listen to an interview I did for "Coaches Casebook" with Martin Rhodes.

You can also listen to some of my daily thoughts on life, it’s glory and it’s obstacles.

In addition to Executive Coaching I also work with people in the addiction recovery community. You can find out more about that work at www.isoremedia.org

"Clear thinking and focus will unleash the power within"

What people say?

"I worked with Jacqueline for 6 weeks and initially I didn't really believe anything could come from it. However, several months on I can seriously say it was transformational and impacted on more areas of my life than I thought possible.

I highly recommend working with Jacqueline in any capacity you can, your life will be transformed."

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Testimonial from Steve Price, Applications Sales Rep, Oracle Corp

Steve Price
Applications Sales Rep
Oracle Corp.